How it works?

BTC Life is a mutual fund based on the principle of Community Mining. It is powered by Bitcoin, a digital crypto- currency with an open source code. All transactional processes are open to public scrutiny and inspection. Since all transactions are carried out using Bitcoins they can be verified at the Bitcoin Blockchain (
  • Powered by Bitcoin, the first Crypto-currency in the history of mankind.
  • Absolute Anonymity of Participants.
  • Limited Third party interference and control.
  • BTC Life works on Preset Algorithms.
  • No individual or organization has direct control.
  • All participants are arranged in a single queue according to registration and activation timestamp (Bitcoin transaction timestamp).
  • Absolute transparency since all transactions can be monitored and observed at the Bitcoin Blockchain (
  • No time limits to cycling out.
  • 24X 7 transaction operations.
  • High tech programming for linkup between the BTC Life Database and Bitcoin Network (Advanced call back and Webhook technology).
  • All transactions done within the BTC Life database have records in the Bitcoin Blockchain.
  • BTC Life is neither a payment gateway nor a facilitator and doesn’t store any Bitcoins.
  • All transactions are made between participant’s Bitcoin wallets within the mutual fund.
Registration is absolutely free of cost (See Registration instructions for complete details). Upon successful registration participants will receive the Credential information in their registered email address .

The act of making periodic contributions to the mutual fund is called Activation.

Activation lowest limit $50

Activation Highest limit $1000

Zone TIME LIMIT(DAYS) Time Limit % YIELD %
ZONE B 4 50 - 33 30
ZONE C 5 33 - 16 25
ZONE D 6 16 - 0 20
Each time an activation is made within the referral structure of a participant, 5% percentage of the activation amount is instantly credited to the participant’s Bitcoin wallet as referral incentive.
System is based on Binary Tree Structure , 8 % of activation Amount will be given after completing 1:1 ratio of network structure. for getting matching Income , Member have minimum 2 Direct Members One left and One Right .
  • The Recycle is a constant active queue participant.
  • Once the queue is active the Recycle takes its position at the top of the queue with a preset Bitcoin receiving limit.
  • The time the Recycle’s receiving limit is achieved it cycles out to be placed at the bottom of the queue and starts to make contributions to the Mutual Fund like any other participant.
  • the Recycle makes periodic contributions to the mutual fund, it will reach the top of the queue again and receive the sum of its total contribution and average yield earned.
  • The process is cyclic and continuous.